Wednesday, September 8, 2010

ebookstore vocab

Words that I looked up:

결제 billing
신용 credit
고객 customer (I swear I'd never heard this before)
제한 limits
구매시 purchase
혜택 new books (when "새책" just won't do!)
삭제 deletion
취소 cancel
추가 add
작성 create (as in "create an ID")
거주 residence
등록 register (as in 주민등록번호--citizen registration number)
환불 return
무료 free
소설 novel
단말기 terminal (used for ereader or other electronic device)

I had to call several times, too, to figure things out. Whew! Customer service Korean is not easy. (They called me 고객님. "네, 고객님...")

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