Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Korea missionary blogs

Currently serving:

Sister Jessie Kate Patterson --Busan mission
Elder Elijah Reyes --Seoul mission
Sister Juline Wadsworth --Seoul mission
Sister Whitney Stevens --Busan mission (this is the link to her letters on missionsite.net--there are a few other missionaries that you can find there if you poke around.)
Elder Michael Rife --Seoul mission
Elder and Sister Bagley--Busan mission
Korea Daejeon Mission (by Sister Furniss, current mission president's wife)


Sister Rebecca O'Bryan --Daejeon mission
Sister Rose Hadden --Busan mission
Sister Rachel Ogilvie --Busan mission
Sister Alyssa Linford --Busan mission
Elder Joshua Bocchino --Busan mission
Elder Caleb Anderson --Busan mission
Elder Weston Wells --Busan mission
Elder Michael Harken --Busan mission
Korea Daejeon Mission (by Sister Perriton, previous mission president's wife)

I thought this was very interesting too: Doyle and Jeanne Brown, who were the medical missionaries for the Asia North area. They have a lot of really cool photos!


  1. On the Browns' blog there's a picture of Sister Linford in this post.

  2. Elder Michael Rife, son of President Richard Rife (Daejeon, 2001-2004) is in the MTC right now headed for the Seoul mission. I thought that was very cool.


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