Thursday, September 9, 2010

한글 fonts

I found all of these at the Gallery of Unicode Fonts, but it looks like some of the download links are no longer working, so I just bundled everything up into a zip file. (I don't anticipate any problem with this, but I'll be happy to take it down if anyone objects.)

Click here to download the zip file.

Some of these fonts also include 한자:

The HY series fonts are a little unusual--in some programs they show up in the font menu with the 한글 titles, and in some programs (like Photoshop) they show up with romanized titles. I also included the name of the actual font file in parentheses. In my font folder (Windows XP) they have 한글 names, but when I copied them into another folder to zip them up, the names all changed. (Tricksy!)

The UnYetgul font is missing some syllables.


  1. I think Ungeongseo (or something very similar) was the font used for the Korean examples in one of our grammar books. It was very comfortingly familiar.

    I think I've discovered that the basic principle of serif vs. sans serif fonts holds true for Korean, too--the more it's shaped like a natural brush stroke (and is still legible), the easier it is on the eyes over long-term reading. At least, that's what my eyes are telling me. They're often wrong.

  2. Yeah, that's a nice one. I think MyeongJo is good for large amounts of text, too.

    I recognize some of these on signs, sometimes.


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